We are serious about helping businesses and home owners feel safe by providing the security and surveillance products & services to guard their property and belongings.


  1. Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) – We provide a range of CCTV systems that can cater for both industry and domestic needs. Among the products that we carry include HIK Vision, ADV, Dahua, Bosch, Samsung.
    • Explosion-Proof Devices – Explosion-proof cameras and accessories for industrial use in extreme environment are available upon request.
  2. Door Access System – We supply and install door access systems such as HID, HIK Vision, EntryPass, Soyal and many more.
  3. Alarm System – We carry alarm systems such as Paradox and Defender.
  4. Time Attendance System – We can help you record and monitor your employee attendance by installing one of our many options such as HID, HIK Vision,ZKTeco,  EntryPass
  5. Other security control devices
    • Smartphone Bluetooth Door Lock
    • Intercom


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